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Create a news page on ImpressPages CMS

In this video I'm going to demonstrate how to load the content for a news page on ImpressPages CMS.

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Before we start make sure of the following :

  • You have resized the images to be used to the best size (I prefer 640px / 800px or 1024px - the more images you are going to load to a page the smaller the images will need to be .  Lot of big images increase the amount of data to download & will slow down your page.)   I use a freeware tool called Irfanview to resize my images
  • Also make sure the image is flipped to horizontal (also do with Irfanview)
  • Know in which folder they are saved to make uploading images easier.
  • Make sure the filenames are searchable.  When you view the images uploaded to the page you can use the files search function IF you gave the filenames a descriptive name.


  • First text block dragged and used after the heading will be the intro (headline) - so  keep is short & descriptive
  • First Image dragged to page will be used as a thumbnail in the headlines.
  • Save page when done

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