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Base + Comms Online Marketing by FAQ

Base + Comms Online Marketing

Base cost + commission Base cost + commission is exactly what it sounds like. Normally sales reps are paid commissions on each sale, in addition to a minimum monthly  salary.  This is one of the most common sales commission structures because it puts an equal amount of responsibility on sales reps and the companies that […]



We setup & manage Whatsapp Groups with only group admins that can publish information as an add-on to newsletters. We run a central & dedicated Whatsapp Group number used by & for client Whatsapp Groups Whatsapp Groups are: Branded to customer needs Focused for a specific need/aim. Have FAQ admin to handle subscribe, invites & […]



Our servers manage your newsletter subscribe, unsubscribe requests, give your stats on newsletter open and clicks and should a click lead to a sale in your online shop, it will show your linked income as well! By law if you want to run an electronic newsletter in South Africa the person signing up (subscribing) to […]



All you need is 15 min per week to publish a monthly newsletter! Ok, to start off make sure you understand how search engines work & why you need to update your website regularly! In short, adding new content to your website is good & will help you in getting better results in search engines.  The bad […]

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