In order for a company to understand what its needs, it needs to document the current business processes & this will differ for each customer.

We normally have a interview to determine:

  • Which departments or possesses of the business needs to be mapped.
  • Clarify what the mapping will be used for.
  • Clarify & list the role players that needs to be interviewed.
  • Clarify & list the decisions makers that needs to be updated on progress made.
  • Clarify deliverables & time frame to be provided from mapping.
  • Present ball park cost estimate & suggested time frame & working hours.
  • Get contracts and Non Disclosure Agreement signed.
  • Deposit paid.
  • Schedule date & time to start with orientation & interviews.

We look at all processes, all documentation used, all filling and archiving done when the transaction is completed.


Brief: Client is investigating a system to be build to:

  • Handle the pricing of products based on quantities of raw materials used and current supplier prices.
  • Manage stock levels of raw materials & track the estimated usage as required by quotations created.
  • Ease the quoting process for very large range of products all to be produced on-order and in short delivery cycle.
  • Automated production of orders based on quotes approved
  • Track production process
  • Track raw material usage based on limited raw material availability and ease ordering of raw material from suppliers.
  • Managed the transportation of batches of products as completed.
  • Manage, create & store records for ISO required documentation & sample guidelines.
  • Invoicing & delivery notes
  • Manage surplus stock & product recycling

Process used:

  • Site inspection & orientation from where raw materials are brought into stock, issued to production, mixed, send to packaging  and completed products are pending delivery
  • Overview of staff involved
  • Demonstration of sales cycle
  • Daily interviews on a schedule of
    • 1 hour - feedback to decision makers on previous day progress.
    • 2 hours - interviews to discuss next step in process with all supporting documentation of the processes discussed.
    • 30 min - planning & appointments for next day.
    • 30 min - updating uncertainties for previous day
    • 3 hours - documenting & mind mapping days interviews

Deliverables & Time frame for case stuy:

  • Business map of current process
  • User requirement specification (URS) needed from system to replace current possesses
  • Wireframe of all screens required for new system
  • Time frame for business mapping - 2 weeks, writing URS & Wireframes 2 weeks

*Client names & products names removed due to NDA agreements.

Please contact us to discuss your business mapping & mind mapping requirements.

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