Newsletters SHOULD NOT be a time consuming exercise if clients follow our guidelines should take no more that 15 min per week.

Our 3 steps to easy newsletters:

  • We load FluentCRM on your website to Subscribe & Unsubscribe the participants as well as load the newsletter template with headlines that pull form new articles you added to the website.
  • You load at least one news article weekly (you need an article name, intro paragraph, 2 paragraphs of content and a photo).  This is what will take 15 min per week.
  • On a set day (eg 1ste Monday of the month or last day of Fridays at 16:00) the mail server connects to the web server and sends the newsletter that was automatically updated as you added news articles.

And the newsletter is in the mail.... every month & without having to loose a day "writing the newsletter"!!

Newsletter Costs

  • Install FluentCRM, setup template & subscription forms (3hours)
  • Cost per email delivered with Amazon SES (a trusted 3rd party mail gateway) = R0,05 per email


  • We setup a SMS account with your unique username & password
  • We can create multiple address books and import cell numbers into each address book
  • Load SMS credits
  • You (or us) log into the SMS Portal, choose address book to which the message will be send & type the message to send
  • You will get reporting on how many sms's was delivered
  • Get replies to SMS's by email
  • Unsubscribe of user that reply "stop" or "leave" is done automatically

SMS Costs

  • No setup fees
  • SMS costs start at R0.35 per sms (depending on volume of credits bought)

Please contact us to discuss your Newsletter & SMS requirements.

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