When your stuck having to buy new IT equipment the guy doing the sale will sell you the best equipment to solve the "keywords" you use.

So if you are describing your problem (of getting from point A to B) and it sound to him like you need a luxury SUV he will try and sell you a luxury SUV and you will pay the price of a luxury SUV.



I need to understand :

  • What you have
  • What you would like to achieve (or do)
  • For how long
  • What other system needs to get data from or to this
  • Who will need to use this & where

Based on the information I can advice clients on;

  • What they need to order
  • How many
  • Get a ballpark cost to buy & what they need to keep in mind in terms of hidden and ongoing fees
  • Provide estimates on time required to install & setup the system/s to use as guide when negotiating prices
  • Project management of installations, assist with sign-off inspections to ensure installation was successful and ensure backups, maintenance procedures, staff training & support are in place.


  • SANDF IT support - 2 years (Microsoft MCSE)
  • SANDF IT Call Center Manager - 2 years
  • SANDF Systems Development Manager - 2 years
  • Web developer & SEO optimisation specialist - 4 years
  • Online Marketing Manager in a McCarthy Group company - 2 years
  • Business & Digital Marketing Consultant - since 2004

This service ( is available to current clients with an active retainer & billed in 20 min consulting blocks.)

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