Search Engine Optimisation (simplified) is the process of ensuring that search engines can read the content of your web pages in order to get your pages listed in search engine results.

simplified ๐Ÿ™‚

Search engines does not "see" the nice layout you spend hours tweaking, to just look right!ย  Search engines read the site code and then follow a set of rules to decide what they index (summarize) and save in their database for your page.


When a person on Google searches a keyword it will search its own database, find the results that closest match the results and provide you with their summary of your page content and a link to the page where they got the information.


In short we look at:

  • Page meta titles
  • Page structure
  • Alt tags
  • Keyword density ( we look at the page using tools that show the keyword density as a search engine will see the page & make changes to get the best results)
  • Navigation structure
  • Inbound links & outbound links

Very few websites cannot be improved by optimizing their page layout (templates) and navigation structure!

The rest is simply adding keyword relevant content to the website to show and improve relevancy.

AND if the your staff do the updates, we train them on how to best add new content and check on a regular basis that they stick to the rules.


Please contact us to discuss your SEO requirements.

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