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How to add HTML Widget to page

Need to add a badge or feed to your website? Lets look at adding a "HTML Widget" to our page
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How to link image to file

A user asked how to add a link to a pricelist (file) to an image with ImpressPages. 
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How to move image on page

Sue, from [Shikwari Game Reserve]( asked how to move an image or gallery from bottom of page to top of page.
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Create a news page on ImpressPages

In this video I'm going to demonstrate how to load the content for a news page on ImpressPages CMS.
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Create a page on ImpressPages

This is a quick video on creating a new page on ImpressPages CMS
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Intro to ImpressPages

With this video I aim to provide a general intro on how page layout & loading of content work using the ImpressPages CMS...
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