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Webifi HQ

We tracked our tasks with HESK Ticket system & mindmapped with Mindomo
Send updates with email (and to email with the ticket system)
Did client feedback & crises updates with Skype & Gtalk
When done, captured ticket detail into Sage One Accounting
All happening in the "cloud",  virtual - staff spread across South Africa ...

Sounds like a perfect consulting / service business! 

BUT we were wasting  hours of billable time passing project info from system to system !

 Don't get me wrong.  How we were working and the tools we used were some of the best tools available, BUT we were focusing so much time on passing project (job) info from system to system that we ended up wasting huge amounts of hours of billable time.   Time that came off of the bottom-line!

AND still jobs were booked in late, briefings done wrong, jobs we under-quoted or client requests change 20%, 37% of 80% into the production process or client feedback went missing...

So I set off to create a new HQ :

- Lite CRM
- with project management
- that invoice
- as activities are marked as complete!

Webifi HQ Headlines

Making money 20 mins at a time

Making money 20 mins at a time

By tracking your projects and logging EVERY ACTIVITY and billing once completed, your make money 20 minutes at a time!
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