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Making money 20 minutes at a time

By tracking your projects and logging EVERY ACTIVITY and billing once completed, your make money 20 minutes at a time!

"Hi, my name is Eddie, I'm a digital business consultant and I sell time!"

You can read as many self help books, watch countless business videos and listen to endless speeches about self worth. If you provide any service where you have to "DO" something then you sell time!

If you sell time - 

  • and you do not keep record of time spend, you will not make money!
  • take on jobs that will not pay, you will not make money!
  • under quote, you will not make money!
  •  do not invoice all the time spend on the job, you will not make money!

To make money, you need to keep record & to keep record you need 20 minutes!

The logic is simple - in order to be able to invoice you need to:

  • check what the job is
  • plan what is needed & will be done
  • quote (if needed)
  • complete the job
  • report back
  • and invoice. 

That simply cannot be done in under 20 minutes.

So any job stats with 20 minutes...

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