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App Case Study for Church App

What can we do to help you manage your church with an app.

With a church app the aim is to talk directly to the mobile device of your congregation, let them talk to you & share ideas within a secure & restricted environment.

  • Create an app that will help you talk to the congregation which must be approved before they can use the app.
  • Have a platform to send push notifications to the congregation at a fixed cost and add to or eventually replace SMS campaigns. Push notification can be used for :
    • Send a message to the congregation, for general notices such as "Service start at 9:30"
    • Send a message to selected congregation members, like with reminders of reports due.
    • Member groups, where you group the congregation by geographical areas, ministries, committees.
    • Send notification to members within a geographical area, for instance only to congregation members within 1km from church camping grounds to say "Todays program will start in 30 minutes".
    • Create geofence hot-spots that will notify app users of a Sunday notice of upcoming events as they get within 1km from church grounds.
  • Share events to the congregation.
  • Make it easy for the congregation to make donations with an online payment gateway.
  • Share documents.
  • Share news and blog items directly to the congregation.
  • Run polls, surveys and forums to increase congregation participation & feedback.

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