Base + Comms Online Marketing

Base + Comms Online Marketing by FAQ

Base cost + commission

Base cost + commission is exactly what it sounds like. Normally sales reps are paid commissions on each sale, in addition to a minimum monthly  salary.  This is one of the most common sales commission structures because it puts an equal amount of responsibility on sales reps and the companies that employ them.

Companies, that employ sales reps, invest in there reps, regardless of their performance, via the rep’s base salary. And reps are incentivized to work harder via the commissions available to them.

There really isn’t a downside to this sales commission structure, which is why it’s so popular.

Base + Comms Online Marketing

Instead of employing sales reps, you appoint FAQ as a Sales Rep for a fixed period of 12 months.  We create ( or transfer & update), host, maintain & market your services online.

Like with a sales rep, you invest a fixed amount each month to cover operating costs and FAQ is incentivized to work harder via the commissions earned on online sales.

The more you make, the more we make!

The Requirements to Partner with FAQ on the "Base + Comms" Program:

  1. The applicant needs to be an established & legal entity, operating from a fixed address.
  2. The applicant needs to have IN PLACE a basic company profile & logo
  3. The applicant needs to have:
  4. Establish, in production, products or services.
    1. That can be sold ONLINE.
    2. That can be shipped/couriered in South Africa.
    3. Products with a fixed price, name, description.
    4. You have digital photographs or video of the product or service.
    5. You have product dimensions (length x height x width) in ready to ship packaging.
    6. You have per product fixed cost prices (to calculate profit & ROI).
  5. The applicant needs to have and provide an email database of clients that have already purchased products.
  6. The applicant needs a warranty & returns policy in place.
  7. The applicant product pricing needs to be able to accommodate discounts for selected periods or product volumes used for rewards & marketing campaigns (e.g 5 - 10% for first time orders or once-off marketing vouchers).
  8. The applicant needs a minimum stock level per product allocated & reserved for online marketing & upfront declaration on the time required to fulfill back orders.


    • Discount pricing rules for volume orders
    • Wholesale prices / price list or pricing rules
    • Pricing that will allow affiliate commission to be paid on orders

Startups - Sorry we do not partner with startups, you need to comply with the requirements above, have products in production & a proven sales history.

What FAQ will provide as part of the "Base + Comms" Program:

  • Setup (create OR with an excising websites transfer & refresh).  FAQ will add the latest version of WordPress & WooCommerce, Fluent CRM, Fluent Forms, FluentSupport, Yith Affiliates and Learndash where online training is involved)
  • Hosting
  • Newsletter, Whatsapp group, Telegram group, Facebook page, Youtube channel (if you have videos of your products or services), Instagram profile
  • Content maintenance
  • Shop maintenance
  • News / Articles (+ add to monthly newsletter + share to social)
  • FAQ / Knowledge base
  • Plugin Updates
  • Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram & web enquiries forward to a dedicated Whatsapp Enquiry group & replies from the group forward to clients + add to FAQ section if of value
  • Helpdesk / Client support
Our focus as your online sales rep is to focus on online sales:
  • We support & incentivize past clients to return to your website for repeat orders.
  • Drive traffic to your website with news & promotions distributed with newsletters & social media.
  • We hope to build trust in your brand with active, fast, friendly & helpful client support (that will lead to sales).

What FAQ the "Base + Comms" Program will cost:

The "Comms" part is calculated based on 2 - 5% of NET SALES for the period 20th of the past month to 19th of the current month reported by WooCommerce Analytics on your website and is defined by WooCommerce as :

  • Net Sales : Gross Sales – Returns – Coupons
  • Gross Sales is Sale price of product(s) multiplied by quantity ordered. Does not include refunds, coupons, taxes, or shipping
  • Total Sales - Gross Sales – Returns – Coupons + Taxes + Shipping
  • Coupons is every form of discount/voucher or commission used by Woocommerce.
Calculation of Net Sales for commission

Options available

Option 1 : Start from Scratch: 12 Month Retainer : R2000 pm + 2 - 5% of Net Sales on website.

Option 2 : Excising WordPress website:  Quote to apply & convert pages to WPAstra template & Beaver Builder, followed by a 12 month retainer : R2000 pm + 2 - 5% of Net Sales on website

Option 3 : Any other website:  Quote based on the amount of pages indexed by Google to convert the current site to a WordPress site, with  WPAstra template & Beaver Builder, followed by a 12 month retainer : R2000 pm + 2 - 5% of Net Sales on website


Comms of 2 - 5% are negotiated depending on proven turnover & profit margins. 


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