All you need is 15 min per week to publish a monthly newsletter!


Ok, to start off make sure you understand how search engines work & why you need to update your website regularly!

In short, adding new content to your website is good & will help you in getting better results in search engines.  The bad part is updating websites time, BUT if you work smart and with the right tools we can get a lot done in a short amount of time!


  • Take 15 min per week to update your website
  • Share that article to social media
  • Combine your monthly efforts into a AUTOMATIC NEWSLETTER to reach your clients that missed your social media posts & did not visit your website in the last month.


  1.  Website (CMS or content management tool) that is easy to use and will allow you, the user, to add a new article.  We use ImpressPages (or WordPress if you prefer) and with no special skills and tool, you can add a new article in under 15 minutes.  
  2. Newsletter subscription form.  To be legal, not run the risk of being listed as a spammer and save you time we place a newsletter subscription form to subscribe and unsubscribe email addresses from your newsletter database.  This requires no time or effort from you and we take care of the requirements of permission-based email marketing whereby a user must confirm to be added to a newsletter database, BUT allow the user to unsubscribe with one click.
  3. Newsletter template.  We create a newsletter page on your website in an email friendly format (email template) on which you can add content and will automatically display the last month’s headlines of news added to your website.
  4. A mail server that can connect to your website to get the newsletter and send it to your newsletter database on scheduled date & time eg 1st Monday of every month at 08:00.


The mail list server connecting and sending the newsletter
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