I get blind with rage when clients complain that they do not have enough time to update their websites because social media take up too much of their time!

You’re wasting your time on social media!  Update your website, share the article link to social media networks & be done with it!

Every social media network you use should be seen a small stream leading to you pond.  Every time we post something in a stream (toss a rock in the stream) that causes a ripple effect on the surface and that wave is carried along and then evens out. 

If you through the rock towards the pond you might bring visitors to the pond.  So make sure that when you cause a wave, the wave can  bring visitors towards you AND YOU DO THAT BY ADDING A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE TO YOUR POST.

Causing endless useless waves not directed at anything just add to chaos and clutter of social media networks & waste your time.


  1. Post your news / story / article / video ON YOUR WEBSITE
  2. Share that link FROM YOUR WEBSITE to the relevant social media network/s and cause your waves ….. 
  3. Plan your content to catch the best wave!
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