Our servers manage your newsletter subscribe, unsubscribe requests, give your stats on newsletter open and clicks and should a click lead to a sale in your online shop, it will show your linked income as well!

Newsletter Stats

By law if you want to run an electronic newsletter in South Africa the person signing up (subscribing) to your newsletter needs to confirm that they do want to sign up (double opt-in) AND when they which to unsubscribe (leave your list) they must be able to do that in one action  (single opt-out).


  • To subscribe the user adds email to the form  & press "Subscribe" (in the footer of this site that looks like the image on the right).  The newsletter system sends a confirmation link to the user that he must click on to join the newsletter.  Once clicked his profile is active & he will receive emails.
  • To unsubscribe the user adds email to the form  & press "Unsubscribe" this deactivate his profile & he will not receive emails.


For each newsletter send we monitor:

  • Total amount of newsletters send.
  • How many of the newsletters send was opened.
  • How many times each link in the newsletter was clicked.
  • How many people unsubscribed.
  • AND if you run an online shop what the value is of orders linked to this newsletter.
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