Background: In order to guarantee the delivery of email enquiries from websites in the FAQ network we use a system call SMTP AuTH to send email from a dedicated email account that is created for each website.  Emails send from enquiry forms with SMTP Auth use a priority gateway to ensure fast and secure delivery of the messages.

Problem: The SMTP gateway used by our ISP have been blacklisted resulting in websites sending email now trigger  a spam warning on the ISP mail servers which results in the linked email account being suspended and password reset.   The mail is however delivered with that instance, future sending form the account is prevented.

The Fix: 

  1. The ISP is working to get the blacklisting removed
  2. The Mail server sends account admins a notification when an account get suspended.   On receiving the notice we update the site details to use an external SMTP gateway & new sending email account.  This will prevent accounts form getting suspended & still ensure that all enquiries are delivered.


  1. Time used to updates sites & reset mailboxes – 1 x 20 min Content Support. 
  • Sites with a maintenance  retainer will use retainer funds where available.
  • Sites without retainer will be invoiced 1 x 20 min Content Support

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