Digital marketing survey

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Digital marketing survey

Today we start a day with 20 things on the to-do list & by the end of the day there are 23 things left.

The aim of this survey is to take 5 minutes and just recap what are you doing related to the marketing of your company.

As your reward for participating, we will create AT NO COST (for FAQ customers):

  1.   A dedicated page for your company with links to all your social media platforms
  2. Include (where possible) live feeds from all your social marketing platforms and display that on your profile page showing you what was posted, when & where.

As a added bonus:

  1. This will add inbound links to your website & your profiles on social media networks and assist you in getting better search engine result in search engines.
  2. Should we be able to assist you setting up & adding more social profiles you will receive a 10% discount on the  setup fees.

Now get a fresh coffee, switch off the phone & concentrate for 5 minutes:

And that is it!   We will create a social media overview profile and call you to discuss what you have done & where do you want to go.

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