2018 FAQ Prices & Hosting Package changes

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2018 FAQ Prices & Hosting Package changes

The new hosting prices will take effect on 1 March 2018. 

Changes in overview:

  • Hosting fees for 2018
  • Changes to email offer
  • Hosting vs Maintenance
  • Payment options


With the start of 2017 we opted not to increase hosting fees, but due to changes in the economy and hosting our cloud servers internationally an increase for 2018 was required. 

2018 FAQ Hosting Fees

Hosting fees for 2018 will increase with 10%.  Since we did not pass any increase in 2017.  So I'm happy to have achieved an average year on year increase of 5% which is well below inflation.

New hosting fees will take effect on 1 March 2018.

Changes to email offer

2018 kicked off  with a few changes, one of which was the decision of our ISP to up it service offering related to mailbox size. 

"Why are you implementing a price charge for email? As you know, with industry changes comes increasing costs of security software, infrastructure, and support. Due to these rising costs, we can no longer offer Premium Business Email for free and will begin charging for the mailboxes on your account. We understand these charges may come as an inconvenience to your account, however, we want to ensure you we have aggressively priced our Premium Business Email to minimize your charges. ... We encourage you to do an audit on your email accounts and delete any unwanted domains and/or mailboxes to avoid any unnecessary charges. Since your account has already been converted into a paid account, you now have access to the upgraded storage of 25GB of space starting today"

As a result all domain owners will be notified during the first week of Feb of the mail accounts active on their domains and our client will have the following options:

  1. Continue with the 25Gb mailboxes (and notify us which mail accounts to delete before 1 March 2018) at a cost of R20 per mailbox.  No interruption of service are expected.
  2. Choose to remain on the 1 Gb free mailbox in which case the website and email accounts will be moved to the FAQ Cloud servers.  Clients will be provided with login & connection settings for the new servers and FAQ will do the domain transfer before 1 March 2018.    Clients ( and client IT support teams) will be responsible to make backups of current mailboxes and setup the new mail account in order to ensure that email are not lost.

Hosting vs Maintenance

2018 is the first year where new signups will not have hosting included with maintenance contracts.  In past Support 2 (with 2 x 20 min support) & Support 4 ( with 4 x 20 min support) included the hosting fee (which had the result that hosting was free of charge). 

Current retainers that is still using this package  will stay effective, but if a package is changed we cannot change back to this package.

New contracts will pay for hosting and if required can add maintenance or marketing retainers to the service.

Payment options

In the past we offered the following payment terms:

  • Monthly payment by debit order or EFT
  • Semi Annual payment by EFT, or
  • Annual payment by EFT

In future only three options will be available:

  1. Monthly payment by DEBIT ORDER
  2. Semi-annual payment by EFT (with 5% discount)
  3. Annual payment by EFT (with 10% discount)

Clients agreements currently on monthly invoice with EFT will be kept unchanged on condition that payment are made within 14 days from date of invoice.  Late payments will result is site suspensions AND a change in payment terms to either monthly by debit order, semi-annual or annual payments.

Semi-annual & annual payments are non-refundable and will be invoiced on renewals 30 days before service period starts. 

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